EFTTA continues to work proactively with ECHA on pure lead ban from fishing tackle proposals

15 Feb 2021
Author: Jan Kappel (EAA) - EFTTA Brussels bureau

Category: News,EFTTA

EFTTA has been involved directly with ECHA since the inception of this latest proposal to have pure lead banned from fishing tackle. It is a repeat, or continuation, of a similar attempt back in 2003.

Back then, the EU Commission didn’t follow up with a legislative proposal. However, EFTTA expects legislation will be the result this time around.

EFTTA continues to work proactively with ECHA and the EU Commission to minimise troubles, which lead restrictions may cause parts of the tackle trade. EFTTA was instrumental that ECHA received some responses from EFTTA members when ECHA collected evidence in the Autumn to its restriction report, which was handed over to the EU Commission 15 January:

Read the Registry of restriction intentions until outcome.

Discover the Restriction report (and annexes):
> Annex XV report
> Annex

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